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So what happens when you take 4 guys that have known each other for the greater majority of their lives, and throw in one more guy who plays guitar for a local metal/hardcore band. Well the answer to that my friends is very simple, you get the Knights Of the Straight Table. Though Neil isn't edge he still respects everyone else in the band enough to let the music and the friendships that he's made mean more to him than letting his or our beliefs get in the way, and for this we admire and respect him more than many other people we know.
Since we started practicing in april of 2004 we decided that we would write songs about something that mattered, whether it was on a pesonal level, within the scene, or extending beyond into the global community. What was equally important to us was to attempt to write original fast paced captivating music. something that made the kids want to read the words and sing along. We knew this would be an uphill battle seeing that the only other band in the area that played a similar stlye of music was Shoot To Kill, and most other bands who tred to play in standard E tuning did not last long. We've been fortunate enough to get the reactions that we have, and we thank and appreciate anyone who's ever sang along or moved at one of our shows, it seriously means the world to us.